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The Safest Personal Hyperbaric Chambers on the Market
For over ten years, Oxyhealth, LLC has developed personal hyperbaric chambers for personal use. With over 8000 chambers in the marketplace, delivering over 1.8 million treatments annually, OxyHealth, LLC continues to provide the highest-quality portable chambers in the hyperbaric industry. This expertise, combined with a perfect safety record, makes OxyHealth, LLC the perfect choice for physicians, researchers, professional athletes, and families alike who demand both safety and performance.
Personal Hyperbaric Chambers in the Mainstream
Today’s modern science of personal hyperbaric therapy was developed based on knowledge gleaned from scuba diving. Many divers reported feeling refreshed and invigorated, and the feelings lingered even after surfacing.
Extensive medical studies on the healing properties of hyperbarics triggered this therapy’s growth beyond the exclusive realm of the diving world. When Hines Ward, Wideout of the Pittsburg Steelers was featured in the February 2009 Sports Illustrated magazine climbing out of his Vitaeris chamber in a hotel room, it showed how mainstream personal hyperbaric therapy has become.
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The best and largest in our fleet of mild hyperbaric chambers, the Vitaeris 320 boasts a roomy 32” inflated diameter that comfortably seats two. Dual pumps boost inflation time and provide twice the airflow throughout the chamber.